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Individual and Family Plans

We offer individual and family plans for all stages in life. With the cost of healthcare rising, we understand how important it is for you to choose what plan fits your needs. Individual and family plans that are available in this area are PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) and EPO (Exclusive Provider Organization) plans. 

Individual Plans

Dayton Sayer Insurance Company offers individual and family health insurance for those not already covered by their employer or Medicare. We offer plans in the private market, and the exchange/marketplace (Covered California) as well. For more information on Covered California, click here.

Beginning in 2014, all health plans must comply with the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. Carriers offer the following options:

   1.      Plans offered on the private market that comply with the Affordable Care Act’s requirements.

   2.      Duplicate Plans offered inside of the Covered California Health Benefits Exchange into the private market

   3.      Duplicate Plan plus additional plans specifically created for the private market only


Health Net, Anthem Blue Cross, and Blue Shield of California offer Bronze and Silver Tier plans that are offered on the private market that are not offered through the Covered California Health Benefits Exchange.

Health plans are sold only during Open Enrollment Periods, unless a Special Enrollment Period is offered. For more information on Special Enrollment Periods, click here. Once the Open Enrollment Period closes, individual and health plans cannot be purchased unless you experience a qualifying life event, or a QLE. QLE’s apply to both the exchange and private markets. For more information on a Qualifying Life Event, click here.



Anthem Blue Cross will offer Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) and  Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans to California in 2018.

Blue Shield of California will offer Preferred Provider Organization coverage to all of California, and HMO coverage in limited areas.

Kaiser Permanente

Covered CA is California’s Health Insurance “marketplace” where insurers provide plans to individuals and families.

Covered California Health Plans

Premium Assistance

Covered CA is California's health insurance "marketplace" where Health insurers provide plans to the marketplace, to be sold to individuals, families and small businesses.

With these plans, you may find you are eligible for a subsidy to help pay for the costs of your health plan and health care if  you purchase your coverage from Covered CA. 

We can assist you with your Covered CA marketplace enrollment. There is absolutely no cost to you for making us your certified agent in order to help you enroll in a plan and provide you with continuous service on your healthcare plan through Covered CA. If you already have a Covered CA online account, you can delegate an agent of your choice at any time to take over servicing on your account and health plan. 

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